2014 - Masterchef Australia 2014

2015 - Blackbird Bar & Grill (Brisbane)

2016 - Gallery of Modern Arts (GoMA)

2018 - Attica (Melbourne)

2020 - Emily Yeoh Restaurant (Brisbane)

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A truly inspiring story from Biomedical Engineer to a Professional Chef. The journey is everlasting and to pursue my dreams to be the best in Asian Culinary to share with my fans and foodies alike in Australia and Internationally. 


A truly inspiring story from Biomedical Engineer to a Professional Chef 


Former Masterchef Australia 2014 contestant, Emily Yeoh (aka Emily Loo) has finally found her way to showcase her authentic Chinese, Cantonese & Malaysian cuisine heritage inspired by her grandmother. It took her 6 gruelling years to go from Masterchef to harness her culinary skills to finally open her own namesake restaurant called Emily Yeoh located in Paddington, Brisbane. 

During her 6 years culinary adventure, she had worked for Australia No.1 Restaurant Attica with Ben Shewry in Melbourne for over 1.5 years, and previously in Brisbane with Gallery of Modern Arts (GoMA) under Josh Lopez, Blackbird with Jake Nicolson to name a few. One of her major highlights in her career, she had helped cook for Top 50 World Class Chefs during her time in Attica. It was one of her most memorable moments in her culinary life. She is a culinary star in her own right, and today she has a cult following in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

Emily has chosen Brisbane to open her 1st restaurant. It is like going back to her grass roots and paying homage to her culinary beginnings. Emily’s philosophy with food is cooking simple and honest food, from farm to the plate…. supporting the local farmers in Queensland. 

Today, Emily is a proud culinary master sharing her experience with local and international client of hers. With her new restaurant, she has gone back to her Chinese roots to use local ingredient’s that is sustainable and bio-dynamic. She like to ensure that everyone in the food production lifecycle will benefit from what she is offering her customers when they dine in her rustic and warm casual restaurant.  

Emily grows some of her own food in her beloved garden. She loves foraging for the freshest of ingredients and a frequent visitor to the local and interstate farms & vineyards to find the best ingredients for her customers to a memorable experience every time. She sees her customers akin to family, sitting together for a wholesome meal, sharing joy and laughter – and 
creating memories. 

At Emily Yeoh Restaurant, it is home – where friendship is everlasting

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